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Have you lost or found something? You can register your lost property report here. This allows you to be contacted by the lost proberty service if your object is found.

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Cities, municipalities and organisations use our lost proberty service throughout Europe.


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How it works

More than 2,500 lost proberty offices in Europe are part of the largest lost proberty network in Europe. Cities, municipalities and organisations such as ÖBB, Deutsche Bahn and many more make the networked search possible for you.

Via fundamt.gv.at, (beloved) items find their way back to their owners. Find out more in this video!

I have lost something

There are many honest finders who bring found objects to a lost property office. There the find is recorded by all participating lost property offices in the central fundamt.gv.at database.

Create ONline loss report:

You can create a loss report yourself 24/7 and describe your item. You will then receive matching suggestions. 

Is your item already in this hit list? Wonderful - contact the relevant lost property office and collect your item. 

If your item is not (yet) displayed in the hit list, you can "search" again at a later date. If the item is handed in to the lost property office in the meantime, the lost property office can contact you very quickly based on the loss report you have created. 


You can find a list of lost property offices including contact details and addresses at oesterreich.gv.atthe federal government's official assistant. 


Wonderful! If you have created a loss report, you can simply deactivate it again using the link you received by e-mail.

Tip: You can also "search" in this way. 

I have found something

Duty to pay

If you have found something that is worth more than 10 euros or is obviously important to the owner (e.g. credit card, keys), you as the finder are obliged to return it to the person who lost it or to hand it in to the responsible authority.


In most cases, the competent authority is the municipality in which you found the item. Since February 1, 2003, it is no longer possible to hand in items to the police. Address and contact details for the lost property authorities can also be found at oesterreich.gv.atthe federal government's official helper. Any questionable finds such as firearms, prohibited weapons, firearms and explosives as well as war material must be brought to the police or reported there.


As the finder, you are entitled to compensation from the owner for the necessary and appropriate expenses (e.g. travel costs) as well as a finder's fee.

The amount of the finder's fee depends on whether the item was lost or forgotten. Lost is defined as anything that the owner loses in a public place (e.g. on the street). A forgotten item is anything that has been left unintentionally in the area under the supervision of a third party (e.g. in hotels, restaurants or stores). Persons who live or work in this area themselves (e.g. hotel staff) are not entitled to a finder's fee.

The finder's fee for forgotten items is 5 %, for lost items 10 %. If the value exceeds EUR 2,000, the finder's fee is halved for the part of the value that exceeds EUR 2,000. Example calculation: You have found a lost coat worth EUR 3,000: EUR 2,000 x 10 % + EUR 1,000 x 5 % = EUR 250 finder's fee.

Lost property law: Excerpt from the German Civil Code

The Lost and Found podcast

Information for lost proberty offices

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