For lost proberty offices

The online fund system for more citizen service

Nova Find is an innovative eGovernment solution for the entire national fund system. As a comprehensive, centrally operated IT application, it covers all areas: It facilitates the work of the lost property authorities (recording, managing and researching finds and losses), simplifies the search for lost items by citizens and increases the return rate.

Over 6 million citizens in more than 750 cities and municipalities in Austria already benefit from Nova Find. ÖBB also uses it to manage its lost property.


  • Lost property software that is perfectly tailored to the legal requirements and processes in Austrian lost property offices
  • Central search database with finds and losses recorded throughout Austria
    Significantly higher placement rate
  • Shortening storage times
  • No expense for the lost property authority due to operation, maintenance and further development of the application
  • High user-friendliness
  • Simple configuration and adaptation to the authority's corporate design

Advantages for the lost property office

A centrally operated, comprehensive software solution is available for the lost property department. This means that the administration does not have to purchase or install any hardware. The lost property authority is networked with the Austria-wide lost property system. This means that all participating regions and companies are taken into account when searching for items. As a result, more items can be returned to their owners and the storage period is reduced.


  • Recording of lost and found reports
  • Categorization of found objects that are immediately available for searches by citizens on the Internet
  • Automatic hit comparison between lost and found reports (Austria-wide)
  • Comprehensive search options
  • Automated generation of letters and notifications
    Simple warehouse management with barcode
  • Comprehensive configuration options (deadlines, fees, templates, etc.)
    Statistics and evaluations
  • Every user also has access to a handbook, legal information on lost property and a helpdesk.

Advantages for citizens

Citizens can search for lost items themselves on regardless of time and place. All participating regions and companies are included in the search. This significantly increases the hit rate, as people often do not know where they have lost something or where the finder handed in the item. If the item is not found, a loss report can be made immediately, which is automatically taken into account when lost property is recorded in the future and triggers a corresponding notification in the event of a hit.

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